Professional School of International Education

About PiStE

In PiStE, the PSE finances students in the Master of Education (M.Ed.) programme to spend three months abroad at a partner university. In the spirit of research-based learning, the students pursue their own research projects, which deals with heterogeneity and multilingualism in schools. In addition to a suitable university programme, the stays abroad are also enriched through school observations, where students will be able to gather their own tentative teaching experiences. Students are supervised by lecturers on-site as well as RUB lecturers; the study achievements can be credited at the RUB within the regulations of the M.Ed. degree.

The stays abroad are scheduled in such a way that they overlap as little as possible with lecture periods at the RUB. The exchange phases in the winter and summer semesters are as follows:

  • Winter semester: stay at the partner university from January to March (application deadline: September)

  • Summer semester: stay at the partner university from August to Oktober (application period: April)

  • Scholarship holders will then take part in preparatory events in the summer semester of 2022 and start the exchange from August 2022. From April 2022 onwards, students from the partner universities will visit RUB for four months.

    A student conference at the end of the semester offers all participants the opportunity to present their research projects to the public.

    Professional School
    of Education

    Project Management:
    Prof. Dr. Björn Rothstein
    Deputy Director of the PSE,
    Chair: German Linguistics and
    Language Didactics

    Prof. Dr. Judith Visser
    Head of Department "Teaching Development"
    in the PSE, Professorship: Romance
    Philology, esp. Linguistics and
    Didactics of Romance Languages

    Dr. Henning Feldmann
    Management of the PSE

    Project Participation:
    Dr. Marie Vanderbeke
    Julia Alfringhaus
    Irem-Nur Yaman

    Project Coordination:
    Katherine Maihöfer M.A.

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