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Since, 2013 the PSE funds a doctoral network which is now in its third phase.
From 2013 to 2018, the effects of authentic science education in the Alfried Krupp Student Lab were investigated by the first two cohorts in the doctoral network. Since 2018, MeMo-akS links the research on the topic of authenticity with research in the field of metacomprehension. Metacomprehension deals with learners' metacognitive judgements and aims in particular at:

  • identifying reasons for inaccurate (often: overoptimistic) metacognitive judgements of learners

  • exploring the consequences of these judgements; and

  • developing measures to increase the accuracy of judgements.

Research at the intersection of metacomprehension and authenticity in science education could answer the following research questions:

  • Why has authenticity in science education shown heterogeneous effects and proved to be hardly beneficial, especially with regard to learning success?

  • How can metacognitive judgement accuracy be promoted in teaching-learning settings?


Prof. Dr. Julian Roelle

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Dr. Marie Vanderbeke
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