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The Internship Office (Praktikumsbüro) for student teachers is part of the Professional School of Education at Ruhr-University Bochum (RUB). It is responsible for the conceptual development, planning, organization and implementation of the various practical phases in university teacher training at RUB.
Further information on the orientation internship (Eignungs- und Orientierungspraktikum) and the practical semester (Praxissemester) can be found on the pages "Practical Studies/Bachelor's programme" and "Practical Semester/Master's programme". The "News" page provides up-to-date information on the range of studies offered by the Internship Office.

Cooperation and further development

The practical semester consists of a university part and a practical school part. The five-month practical phase at school is prepared by the university and accompanied mutually by the university and the Centre for Practical Teacher Training (Zentrum für schulpraktische Lehrerbildung/ZfsL).

Coordination, continuous development and quality assurance during supervision are carried out by the subject associations. The subject associations consist of subject representatives from the university and seminar instructors from the Centre for Practical Teacher Training (Zentrum für schulpraktische Lehrerbildung) as well as school representatives. They continuously coordinate and develop the subject-related concepts for the practical semester.


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