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Graduate School of Educational Studies Englisch

Since 2012, the GSoES promotes PhD candidates in the subject didactics and educational sciences at RUB. The target group includes academic staff and scholarship holders as well as seconded teachers and external doctoral students.
One focus of the support programme is training doctoral students in quantitative and qualitative research methods as well as supporting interdisciplinary academic exchange. Therefore, the GSoES offers a wide range of workshops and events in the field of research methodology, scientific publications and best-practice in data management and research ethics.

In addition, the GSoES offers coordinated financial funding lines. Members can apply for the following funding lines:

  • Funding for the recruitment of a research student

  • Travel allowance for attending research workshops

  • Travel allowance for conferences with own contributions (as first author)

  • Financial support for data collection and analysis (material resources)

  • Funds for translations for an international publication

  • Subsidy for printing costs for the dissertation

If you have any questions about the funding lines or membership, please contact:  

PSE's support for early career researchers is closely linked to the research activities of the subject didactics and educational sciences at the RUB, visible through the research project "DiAL:OGe" and the interdisciplinary PSE doctoral network "MeMo-akS".

Moreover, the GSoES cooperates closely with other RUB facilities, i. e.:


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