Enhancing lasting learning by generative drawing through integration of retrieval practice

In by Marco Gryska

Projektbeginn: 15.10.2022
Projektende: 14.10.2026
Projektstatus: Laufend

Beteiligte CoES-Mitglieder

Prof. Dr. Julian Roelle

Dr. Roman Abel


Detlev Leutner
Philipp Schmiemann


The main goal of the proposed project is to investigate how lasting learning by generative drawing can be enhanced through the integration of retrieval practice. We will use an established guided learning by drawing procedure as a starting point and examine the potential benefits of integrating retrieval practice into this procedure in three consecutive classroom experiments. In integrating retrieval practice into the generative drawing procedure, we will build on recent studies that have incorporated retrieval practice into generative tasks by implementing the respective tasks in a closed-book format. In this format, learners cannot access the learning material while they perform the generative task and thus need to retrieve the knowledge that is needed for the generative task from memory. The previous studies that have employed this format have not offered a clear recipe on how to optimally integrate retrieval practice into generative tasks. Nevertheless, they have identified useful approaches for integrating retrieval practice, which will be applied to generative drawing and subsequently refined and optimized in the present project.


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