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On this page, we have compiled a few testimonials from scholarship holders of the PiStE project.

Paul, RUB student visiting PUCE in the winter term of 2022

In Quito, I experienced how diverse a country with its different cultures can be, how open the majority of the people are and how beautiful the landscape in South America is. With regard to the education system, I noticed that there are some institutional deficits, some of which are serious, but despite this, motivated teachers give enormously good lessons. What matters is not how well a school is equipped, but the attitude of the actors in the education system.

Martin, PUCE student visiting RUB in the winter term of 2022

@PSE, M.K.
I consider the PiStE program an opportunity to develop all professional skills not only in the field of education but also in a transdisciplinary approach that allows me to grow both academically and personally. I have been able to get to know a new culture, learn its language and in this way also to get to know other parts of the world from here in Germany and also Europe.

Maya, RUB student visiting Oulu in the winter term of 2022

I would recommend going to Oulu to everyone who is interested in an exchange. I have never learned so much in one semester, experienced so many different methods from lecturers and learned so much about Nordic cultures.

Jan, RUB student visiting Oulu in the winter term of 2022


Both in the teacher training seminars and during the school internship, I was able to gain experiences that have profoundly broadened my personal and professional horizons. In seminars, we had the opportunity to get in touch with school headmasters, political advisors and the Finish National Agency of Education, among others, which trained my systemic view of education.

Esteban, PUCE student visiting RUB in the winter term of 2022

Currently I am a student of the faculty of Education in Ecuador and when my teachers offered me this opportunity, I found it really interesting, to have a different point of view, different experience and learn about another culture. It was life changing because I learned a lot, not only from class, but form everything, the environment, even a train is a good teacher. I am really appreciating the opportunity. It was an amazing experience. I have learned a lot. I will integrate this experience in my own country and try to apply all the methodologies I have learned here.

@PSE, M.K.

Mathias, PUCE student visiting RUB in the winter term of 2022

@PSE, M.K.
It has been a dream to live and study in Germany since my childhood. I've always been fascinated by this perspective, so I've always wanted to live and study here. I have improved my language skills a lot. I notice that I can express myself much better and have been able to overcome many weaknesses in writing. I also had the chance to get to know the educational system in Germany and to see what life at school and university in Germany is like, which I found very nice.

Viktoria, RUB student visiting PUCE in the summer term of 2022

The experience in Quito was an important one for me. I learned that as a teacher you have to have much more skills than just being able to teach your subject well. For us teachers, students are always in the center and should be given the best possible opportunities to learn. This is the only way to balance a positive class atmosphere, learning difficulties and social community in a way that is enjoyable for all.

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