Project updates

SeReLiDiS Kick-off Winter School 2022

The first “SeReLiDiS Winter School” took place from 22nd to 24th of February 2022 at the Wolfsburg in Mülheim an der Ruhr (Germany). 26 project participants laid the foundations for the project’s upcoming work. Over the course of three days, keynote sessions by the senior researchers and poster presentations by early career researchers were held, and various networking activities were carried out to bring together the different perspectives on self-regulated learning in digitized schools. Furthermore, expert groups also identified research questions and hot topics that will be pursued in more detail in the following meetings.

Virtual Colloquium in SeReLiDiS (June-December 2022)

The virtual SeReLiDiS colloquium has been successfully concluded. A total of four expert groups were formed within the network, focusing on different aspects of self-regulated learning. Over a series of six meetings from June to December 2022, these expert groups presented their research findings to the network. The objective of these meetings was to advance the development of a framework for self-regulated learning in digitised schools.

The SeReLiDiS Winter School 2023 served as a platform for further collaboration on the framework.

SeReLiDiS Winter School 2023

The SeReLiDiS Winter School 2023 took place from 7th to 9th February 2023 in Diez an der Lahn. Network partners from Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland, and Spain gathered there to continue their work on a shared framework for self-regulated learning in digitised schools. Project practice partners were connected to the Winter School in a hybrid format to ensure the exchange between academia and practical application.

Early Career Researcher Secondments in 2023

Another milestone for the SeReLiDiS network in 2023 is the promotion of further collaboration among partner institutions through research visits by early-career researchers. Throughout the year, early-career researchers have the opportunity to apply for scholarships to conduct research visits at network partner institutions.


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